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Russian developers are raising money on an external battery that charges in 15 minutes

BatOn is an external battery that can charge from a wall outlet in 15 minutes, put in a bag and then fully charge it from any smartphone. The project not so long ago started at the site BoomStarter.

According to the developers, the new product needs to solve a practical problem. External batteries — a convenient thing, but they also need to be recharged. And, unfortunately, if you forget to put the compact battery, it turns into a brick. But the BatOn can be recharged at the cafe for a Cup of tea or in the morning during Breakfast.

The device consists of two parts. First — base, which allows to charge the battery from a wall outlet in just 15 minutes. While the device will consume about 10 A. the Second — the actual power Bank with a capacity of 2500 mAh. To charge the BatOn, you just place it on the pad and the base with magnetic attachment it will be drawn as needed for charging. No wires or extra sighting plug the holes, say the developers.

Battery is very lightweight – only 120 grams. This is almost 2-3 times easier than can offer other external batteries, is able to accumulate 15 minutes only 500 mAh. The creators of the project have prepared a visual comparison with market competitors.

To support the project and to request a BatOn on the site Boomstarter. The device was estimated at 4 500 rubles.

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