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Russia was in third place in the list of countries with the most expensive iPhone

Business Insider on the basis of the annual report of Deutsche Bank that compares prices on a wide range of products worldwide, find out in which countries the cost of the iPhone 7 being the highest and where the lowest. As it turned out, in Russia sells some of the world’s most expensive iPhone.

The most expensive purchase of iPhone 7 cost in Turkey. In terms of the local currency into the dollar equivalent, for the flagship asking $1200 — 1.5 times more than in the US. Save not work and residents of Brazil, where iPhone 7 sold for $1115. In Russia the cost of the iPhone 7 is the equivalent of $1086.

Buying Apple also, do not go to Greece ($1028), Poland ($1005) and Italy ($995).

Cheapest iPhone 7 could buy in his homeland, in the United States for $815. Relatively cheap iPhone 6 is in Japan ($815) and Hong Kong ($821). China was closer to the end of the list ($899). Here the price of the device comparable with the UK ($898) and India ($902).

The final cost of the iPhone is influenced by economic factors: not only the difference of currencies, but also trading fees and sales taxes that each state is different. In addition, the price of some models can adjust itself to Apple.

For example, in January of this year, Apple lowered the prices on all the equipment in Russia, bringing the iPhone fell by 5-10%. Now the iPhone 7 can be purchased in our country for 52 990 rubles (instead of 56 990 rubles).

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