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Russia took the second place in the world for the low cost of mobile communication

“The e-readiness Index to the network society” (NRI), Russia ranked second in the world in terms of availability of services of cellular communication among 139 countries, according to the Ministry of communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation. Cheaper cellular is only in Hong Kong. The cheapest broadband Russia occupies the tenth place, one point ahead of US.

According to “the e-readiness Index to the network society” for the year 2016 Russia in terms of affordable prices for telecommunications services ahead of a number of major countries of the world. In particular, the prices for cellular communication in our country was lower than in India, where prices of mobile communications due to the high level of competition is traditionally considered to be one of the lowest in the world.

In the same ranking, Finland was ranked 12th place, Germany — 27th, Korea — 35-E. Russia in the ranking of affordability of communications services was ahead of only Hong Kong, which area is comparable with Moscow, and the population lags behind from Moscow more than two times.

As in Hong Kong, in Russia the minimum cost of minute of $0.22, the maximum for $1.16, the average price of $0.33. And in the ranking by the number of mobile subscribers per 100 inhabitants, Russia was in 16th place with an average of 116.8 (one subscriber can have several SIM cards).

On the background of positive developments on the mobile market prices on the Internet remained at a very attractive level. In 2016, Russia in the ranking, ahead of Japan, which took 21 th place, France (37th), Greece (47th). For comparison, the price of broadband access in the BRICS countries remain quite high: Brazil — the 14-th place, India — 36-e, RSA — 61-e, China — 68-E.

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Russia is involved in “the e-readiness Index to the network society” in 2012. In five years Russia has moved in the ranking by 15 places from 56 to 41.

In General, the ranking of “the e-readiness Index to the network society”, taking into account all indicators, Russia takes 41st place. Her NRI is 4.5 points. It is more than that of countries such as Poland, Italy and Turkey, which occupy a ranking 42nd, 45th and 48th place respectively.

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