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Russia has launched an app to combat domestic violence

The Project “” launched in Russia mobile application designed for women who are faced with the problem of domestic violence. Wrote about this on his page in Facebook service founder Anna Rivina.

The application for smart phones N. N. has a special SOS button — when pressed, all loved ones will get an instant notification about the possible threat to humans. Previously the user must create a database of trust contacts and to prepare the text of the message. If necessary, you have to press the alarm button, and a message from the geolocation and the specified text is automatically sent to all friends.

In addition, the service contains information about all crisis centres in Russia. The app will provide all the necessary contacts and will automatically build a route to the nearest crisis center.

According to the author of the project “” run as an app for women affected by domestic violence, but may be relevant for all who need instant notification of relatives about the dangers, “whether it is a taxi ride or need to go on a dark empty street.”

The application is available to users of iOS and Android.

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