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Russia has filed a lawsuit against Apple for fraud by the available memory on iPhone

The Russian division of Apple was again involved in a trial. Russian Dmitry Petrov has filed a lawsuit against the company, accusing it of inflating the amount of internal memory the iPhone 6s. The plaintiff is unhappy that instead of 16 GB as stated on the packaging, on the device was a little more than 12 GB of memory.

Petrov has complained that Apple in recent years, sells the declared iPhone with 16 GB of internal flash memory, while in fact, users up to 40% less. The complaint was filed in the Presnensky court of Moscow.

Last year Petrov bought at the store re:Store an iPhone 6s. Learn about the “lack” of memory, he tried to abandon the device, but Apple Store said that is normal. In the Apple support in Russia Dmitry said the same thing.

Then Petrov has addressed in court with the requirement to return to him over the phone 53 990 rubles, to pay for the loss of time and legal costs (about 45 000) as well as be fined for cheating customers. The lawsuit claimed the European “daughter” Apple, the Russian office of the company and the network of stores re:Store.

“The hearing on the lawsuit is scheduled for April 6,” — said the press Secretary of the court Anastasia Pyleva.

Apple is not the first time accused of such. In 2007 against the company was filed for what is in the 8-Gigabyte iPod Nano was not informed that the user has only a 7.45 GB (7.5% less). In 2015 a group of users filed a lawsuit on her because she did not report the amount of memory required to install the new update iOS 8.

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But, among other things, the problem is often much more serious: for example, Microsoft has charged that users of the basic versions of Surface could dispose of only half of the drive due to the large volume OS.

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