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Russia has developed a smartphone with two operating systems

The head of the company “Open mobile platform” (Innopolis) Pavel eyges demonstrated a prototype smartphone with two operating systems — Sailfish and Android.

As reported by “Vedomosti”, the device allows the user to select one of two OS at startup. We are talking about the prototype of the smartphone Sony Xperia X. According to ages, once finalized, the framework can be installed in other smartphones.

This unusual switch function interested primarily corporate customers, assured developers. It is believed that they will be able to use Sailfish for work and Android for personal use.

Ages hopes the company can sell up to 500 000 such smartphones. According to his calculations, approximately 5 million smartphones and tablets with Sailfish can be claimed by civil servants, about 10 million in the corporate segment. However, interest in the product by corporate customers yet.

The operating system Sailfish that was previously developed by the Finnish company Jolla, which was created by former employees of Nokia. However, after a while we were talking about the closure of the project, and it was then that asset decided to buy the owner of the group of companies “unified social tax” Grigory Berezkin. According to some, he paid for it around $30 million.

The developers of Sailfish OS as protected and isolated from foreign information systems. In this case, the corporate client can fully control the mobile devices of employees, including to prohibit the inclusion of cameras, disable the geolocation and the download of particular content.

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