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Russia entered the top three leaders by the number of deaths due to selfie

Could our ancestors to assume that their grandchildren will not die in the wars or fatal disasters, from banal attempts to make phenomenal pictures themselves. The pursuit of so-called “sabachtani” turned into a real boom: people seem to have lost the head. The desire to make selfi “not such as all” often leads to absurd death.

According to a study by Priceonomics, 2014 selfie caused 49 deaths, 75,5% of which were in men. In 27 percent of cases, in pursuit of the selfie died young at the age of 21 years, 20-year-old had 11% of deaths, and accidents with people older than 32 years were recorded.

More often tragedies happen when you try to make a beautiful portrait at high altitude, near water and on the railroad tracks. The study notes that the greatest number of accidents occurred in India, which accounted for 19 deaths (40%). And far behind her is Russia (7 deaths) and USA – 5.

In 2015, a selfie caused 28 deaths. For comparison, the same accident occurred during the practice of skateboarding. While climbing on mount Everest killed 17 people and shark attacks were the cause of eight deaths.

Last year the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in connection with the increase in deaths of young people trying to make a selfie, issued the instruction “Make safe selfie. Cool selfie could cost you your life.” In the memo in the form of pictograms depicts one of the most hazardous methods for creating selfie – for example, on the railroad tracks, the train, on the roof of the building and behind the wheel.

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However, some cases in which it is dangerous to be photographed, “illustrated” with real-life examples. Among them – death, a woman accidentally shot herself in the head from a traumatic gun and death in the suburbs of a teenager, whativedone for bare wire.

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