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Russia entered the top three countries by number of users of the secure messenger Threema

The company Threema GmbH, the developer of the secure messenger Threema, announced that by the end of 2016, Russia entered the top three countries where most of messenger users. On the first and second places of the rating are Germany and the USA. In the past two months Russians have installed Threema is much more active than Americans.

In honor of the upcoming international day of protection of personal data of January 28 and 29, users can download the app Threema with a 50% discount for all available platforms.

Secure messenger Threema is one of the most secured services, since it performs end-to-end encryption of all data exchanged between the user, be it messages, group chats, multimedia files and even “status”. Threema uses it to encrypt the NaCl cryptography library open source.

Encryption keys are generated and stored in protected folders on the users ‘ devices, eliminating the possibility of secret data access or copy them. In addition, for the use of the application does not need a phone number or email address. This feature allows you to use Threema completely anonymously.

Almost Threema does not store any user data on servers. Managing group membership and contact lists is performed only on the user’s device. Messages are deleted immediately after their delivery, and the local files are stored on your mobile phone or tablet is encrypted. This prevents the collection of personal information of users, including meta-data and misuse.

Download Threema for iOS, Android and Windows Phone here.

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