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Rush Fight: if Minecraft was an arcade and high-speed fighting game

And have you noticed that mobile gaming has long been competing with each other not in easy-to-learn mechanics and addictive arcade gameplay, but in graphics quality and special effects? The developers are striving hard to show their skills in the elaboration of 3D models and spectacular action scenes, completely forgetting about the fact that mobile games the first is “mobility”.

Remember the excitement around the Flappy Bird? But it had no modern graphics or an intricate story. Was only addictive gameplay, which boiled down to clicking on the screen with one finger. But as the game has hooked millions of people!

Rush Fight — the hero of our review, uses a similar scheme. Initially in our submission given one character who well-aimed blows of arms and legs throwing him on the impending waves of enemies. The whole gameplay is reduced to tapam the screen with two sides from the main character. Tap right kick, tap left kick, and so on, until at one point you will not suffer a penalty.

What is most interesting game on the reaction associated with speed and time is pretty relative. Enemies don’t move until, until you strike is your only motivator is a small, slowly shrinking progress bar above the head of the hero. It counts down the time before the opponent is able to take action from their side. Updated it, in turn, the successful distribution knocks the main character.

Due to the true reconciled by the developers of pace, the game itself motivates do not delay a single second, with long-forgotten enthusiasm, every time to restart the level after his own mistakes. Kill as many enemies as possible, spend as little time between strikes, to earn even more coins — the excitement is gaining momentum with each new approach.

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On accumulated money we buy new characters, and with them — new arena, on which we continue a mass beating of villains. By and large, except for the entourage and the appearance of the enemies does not change anything, but for a change, fits perfect.

Separately, a cheerful soundtrack and sound effects. The music perfectly conveys the atmosphere of what is happening on screen, and the familiar sound of blows on the persons of enemies (the ones straight from the militants of the 90’s) pulling a thin chord of memory, triggering a nostalgic smile.

Rush Fight – a great mobile game. Fast, furious and does not require a lot of time on the passage. Undoubtedly one of the best representatives of the arcade fighters that can captivate the player in his free time.

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