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Rumours of falling demand for iPhone 6s greatly exaggerated

In early December, Credit Suisse reported that Apple by 10% reduced the volume of orders for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in the fourth quarter of 2015. In this regard, analysts predict that this quarter Apple will ship 80 million iPhone 6s, in connection with the annual forecast volume of shipments has been adjusted to 242 million to 222 million. After the publication of the Credit Suisse share price of Apple fell from $118,73 to $117,34.

Information about decrease in the rate of production of the new iPhone is not quite accurate, according to Catcher Technologies. The company, which supplies metal casings for flagship phones Apple, on the contrary, reports an increase in sales. Last month her sales were $254 million, which is 1.4% more than in the previous. Compared to the same period last year sales increased by 50.3%. In these conditions, to speak about decrease in demand for “Apple” smartphone.

Although Catcher Technologies produces components not only for the iPhone, a high proportion of Apple in the total amount of the company allows to say that “Apple” phones continue to be in demand, and information about the manufacturing slowdown is just a rumor.

The head of Catcher Technologies for reporting the conference noted that in the final quarter of 2015 the company expects a sharp increase. However, he did not specify from which manufacturer the supplier will receive new orders.

Previously, experts at Morgan Stanley said that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus sold better than its predecessors. The number of users who plan to purchase the new iPhone within the next 12 months, 10% more compared with last year. This, combined with high customer loyalty, especially in the US and China, will provide record iPhone sales.

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