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Rumors: iPhone 8 will receive a 20-megapixel camera with 5x optical zoom

For the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone, Apple is preparing to introduce something new to the face of the updates of the previous model series. Brand new iPhone. iPhone 8 is one possible, but not the final name of the new items, there’s another version of “iPhone Pro”, “iPhone X” and “iPhone Edition”. And then just “iPhone”. The media called the new “iPhone 8”, but the original name will have during the presentation.

About dual vertically mounted camera of the new flagship Apple is known for a long time. It is assumed that it will be sharpened by augmented reality technology. The module has not ceased to act beyond the boundaries of the body, and the vertical location of the sensors even easier to install if the iPhone in landscape mode when using AR. Sources also say about LED flash in the main module, there is a microphone.

For the anniversary of the signature of Apple’s smartphone have prepared thoroughly: when designing for iPhone camera 8, the company turned to the latest technologies. According to the latest data, the resolution of the camera of the smartphone will be increased to 20 megapixels, much more than the major Android competitors. Thanks to the second camera iPhone 8 will receive improved optical zoom, which will zoom the picture at the time of shooting up to 5 times, and at the same time — without any loss of quality.

The technology is said to provide a 5x zoom lossless. When “enhanced” recording even the slightest hand-shake affects the image quality, however, the system of optical stabilization will allow to suppress vibrations and prevent blurred images.

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Also generally the iPhone 8 will improve the quality of shooting in low light conditions and usovershenstvuetsya colour. The front camera of the “eight” is also assumed to double, with the function of 3D face recognition. the Resolution will increase to 8 megapixels, aperture – f/1.8.

The release of the iPhone 8 with a new camera will force Samsung, Huawei, with its Leica lens and other well-known manufacturers pretty try not to lag behind in technological terms from the California giant to offer its customers something similar. It is not excluded that once took place, the race for the megapixels transformirovalsya in competition telephotometric.

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