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Rumors: iOS 11 will be a function of group FaceTime calls

Apple plans to introduce the feature of group video calling service FaceTime video conferencing, reports the Verifier. At the moment this service on the iPhone and iPad is not available in Cupertino plan to empower signature services with the release of iOS 11.

Group video calls should appear in FaceTime 7 years after the launch of the service. Now free VoIP calls anywhere in the world have become commonplace, but for 2010 it was a real revelation.

The new FaceTime feature will reportedly allow you to make video calls with up to 5 users simultaneously speaking at a given point, the source will be displayed in the center of the screen.

According to the source, the service will be available for mobile users after the release of iOS 11, and on desktops with the release of macOS 10.13.

Competitors FaceTime in the face of Skype and Hangouts have long offered group video calling feature. First, last year launched a free support service on iOS and Android. Initially group video chats could create only those who bought the account Skype Premium costs $ 9 per month. Since the beginning of 2014 it became available to owners of free accounts.

The announcement of the new operating systems iOS and macOS 11 10.13 is expected at the worldwide developers conference (WWDC 2017) in June of this year.

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