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Rumors: in the Mac the next generation will use the modified AMD

Apple might shift to processors Advanced Micro Devices in its computers, according to the Italian resource Bitsandchips with reference to own sources. There are special configurations that will be used in MacBook laptops and monoblocks iMac.

The solution can be deployed in 2017 or 2018. However, they will not be a serial consumer for the line of AMD. American chipmaker reportedly will create for Apple a unique APU or CPU, like it was made for consoles Sony and Microsoft.

At the end of 2016, the market should reach generation processors Zen, so there is every reason to believe that this architecture will be used to create chips for Apple in 2-3 years. Such a frame is due to the availability of the company GlobalFoundries difficulties with the development of 14-nm process technology in combination with FinFET.

The AMD processors with Zen architecture is attributed to not only increase productivity by 40% (presumably, under very specific conditions), but also the availability of a new subsystem of the cache memory, and the ability to work effectively with multiple threads at the same time.

Use modified AMD will improve consumer qualities of the Mac, as the new processors will be developed with consideration of the peculiarities of the operating system OS.

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