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Rumors: in addition to Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL Google is preparing the third smartphone Ultra Pixel

4 Oct Google will be presenting the second generation smartphone Pixel. According to unconfirmed rumors, in addition to Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL the company is preparing to release a third smartphone called Ultra Pixel.

Information about a possible release of the third smartphone gave YouTube blogger Arun of Maini. On my channel Mrwhosetheboss he talked about the fact that he received the, presumably, from the office of Google, where there is evidence of the emergence of the third smartphone.

On the February photo is visible screen of the laptop running the presentation. If you look good, on the slide you can see the inscription “Ultra Pixel phone by Google” (Ultra Pixel phone created by Google).

In addition, in February showed a few seconds of video in bad quality, which is visible on another page of the presentation. This time the photo shows three smartphones and features the inscription “The future of Android is Fluid” (the future of Android is a liquid). Probably, thus the company suggests on the liquid crystal screen of the future gadget.

Earlier this month, Apple introduced iPhone jubilee X OLED display. Perhaps, at the presentation of October 4, Google intends to show his version of a premium smartphone.

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