Rumor: Apple is working on iPhone on macOS to make a computer out of it

Rumor: Apple is working on iPhone on macOS to make a computer out of it

Switching Apple computers from Intel processors to ARMs may go further than just launching mobile applications on poppy screens. At least, insider Mauri QHD said that the company is working on an iPhone with macOS installed on it.

iPhone with MacOS

Apple working on Linda / Dex type of prototypes
the software work on it is insane
i cant even tell you how excited they are about the whole thing 🤯

im hearing

– Mauri QHD (@MauriQHD) June 26, 2020

What for?

According to Mauri QHD, this is necessary to create an analogue of Samsung DeX, Razer Project Linda or ASUS PadFone from 2012:

By the way, six months ago it became known that Apple patented a laptop, where an iPhone acts as a touchpad. Ahem …


Apple patented a strange laptop where the display is the iPad and the trackpad is the iPhone

Rumor: Apple is working on iPhone on macOS to make a computer out of it

Kostya Baranov

January 28, 2020

How will it work?

It is not yet known exactly. Mauri QHD says that it is macOS that will be adapted for the small screen of the iPhone. It will be interesting to look at it.


– Mauri QHD (@MauriQHD) June 26, 2020

However, in another tweet, he states that the operating system will be a cross between iOS and macOS. And here a person is already confused in his own testimony.

is more of a hybrid i would say, but yes, at the very least, that would be the base of it all
then again, im not a software guy at all, and there´s a lot of info
i just make it digestable

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– Mauri QHD (@MauriQHD) June 27, 2020

According to Mauri QHD, Apple is working on two prototypes, but only one of them will reach the finals. At the same time, he did not give any explanations of how they differ. But then he added that there are wired and wireless versions:

they have both, and wireless, as prototypes *
and also the Linda one has some variations
but if they go for the Dex route, is 90% sure gonna be the old setup first, for some reason outside soft / hard limitations, whatever that means 🤷‍♂️

– Mauri QHD (@MauriQHD) June 26, 2020

According to Mauri QHD, the device is ready, but the probability of release is 95%. Now Apple is waiting, "when everything falls into place," on the basis of which it will be decided whether to develop this area or not.


The idea of ​​combining iOS, iPadOS and macOS into one system has been around for a long time. And talk about it sounded with renewed vigor after WWDC 2020, when Apple announced that it was abandoning Intel processors in favor of its own ARM solutions.


So far, Intel: Apple has announced the transition to ARM-processors for Mac

Rumor: Apple is working on iPhone on macOS to make a computer out of it

Ilya Kichaev

June 22, 2020

In this case, without any problems, you can run applications created for the iPhone and iPad on macOS at the end of 2020, when Apple will release the first computers on ARM. And here the separation of the three systems looks logical only from the marketing side: iOS and iPadOS, in fact, are the same “axis”, but with only slight differences.

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And here the question arises, how exactly will Apple develop the ARM version of macOS 11, which in a few years will become the only Apple computer operating system. After all, unification with iOS means that many professional applications like Logic Pro or Final Cut Pro can become available for both iPhone and iPad.

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