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Rugby player from New Zealand tried to charge iPhone in the microwave

Gullible Rugby player from New Zealand Nude brown became the victim of jokes about the fact that iOS gives the device unprecedented properties – allows you to charge your iPhone in the microwave. According to him, he thought that the phone is really charged in one second.

“I saw on Facebook a video that if your iPhone to put in the microwave, it can charge in one second. It seemed plausible, so I decided to try it myself – wrote the Rugby player in Facebook. I put the phone in the microwave and it exploded”.

The author of the video, which looked Nude brown said that the maximum duration of charging iPhone in microwave ovens is 60 or 70 seconds at a power of 700 and 800 W respectively. He urged not to use wireless charging for longer than 300 seconds – this can lead to damage delicate circuits.

Rugby player Nude brown issued a statement about the incident with his iPhone in social networks with the hashtag #krotkiego. He explained that the local Apple Store has agreed to give it a new instance iPhone.

In 2014, many users have become victims of prank that the operating system allows Apple allows you to charge gadgets in the microwave. Comic on the poster, then distributed in social networks, was depicted the iPhone 6 with the caption “Use exclusive iOS 8 feature Wave”. It was said that the operating system allows you to charge your mobile devices wirelessly. With Wave smartphones and tablets allegedly charged in seconds.

Victims of the prank were many owners of the iPhone and iPad. “I tried to use the new iOS 8 Wave feature, which allows you to charge your phone in the microwave. It’s not working!”, wrote one user on Twitter, attaching a photo of the exploded iPhone 5.

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