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RSPP: “the law of Spring” will lead to a sharp rise in prices of communication services

In the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (RSPP) came to the conclusion that the proposals of the Ministry of communications on the implementation of the “Spring law” increase the potential costs of market participants in two times — up to 10 trillion rubles. as a result, this will increase the level of inflation in the country.

By estimates of RSPP, since 2019 in the framework of the law of large operators have to store for 20 exabytes of information. This can lead to a multiple increase in the price of communication services and increase the level of inflation in the country by 1-2%.

Commission RSPP on communication and information and communication technologies have prepared a report on the Ministry finalized a draft resolution on the implementation of the “law of Spring”. The conclusion is sent to the Ministry of economy.

The project of the Ministry of communications clarifying the order, timing and the amount of storage operators text message, voice data, images, sounds, videos and other messages, was published on 17 March. It partially takes into account the comments of the operators and also establishes the maximum period of storage of voice information and text messages (six months) and the maximum allowable volumes (2 of Pb 1 GB/s bandwidth host communications). In the current edition of the law from 1 July 2018 obliges Internet companies to store information about the facts of reception and transmission of data for at least one year, and Telecom operators — 3 years. The content of the messages, including text, voice and video, should be stored up to six months.

However, according to experts, the authorities do not reduce the costs of operators, and increase their doubled to 10 trillion rubles. the cost of operators to four times higher than their annual income, according to the RSPP. At the time of adoption of this law, the operators estimated the total volume stored thereon information 157,5 exabytes, and the overall cost of compliance with the requirements of 5.2 trillion rubles.

Expenditures, apparently to compensate users. In General, this will lead to an increase in the inflation rate may be even higher than expected.

“The basket will go up even faster, as the connection costs embedded in logistics, marketing, sales, in the entire production chain, so that the growth of 1-2 percentage points will quickly turn into 2-3%,”— said the analyst of “ALOR Broker” Alexey Antonov.

Experts emphasize that to fulfill the requirements of operators can only when fold increase in prices for communication services.

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