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Routers the AirPort Express will get AirPlay support 2

Branded routers Apple can be used to broadcast music with AirPlay 2.

AirPort Express base station to create a wireless Wi-Fi network. This is the simplest model that can be purchased on the official website of Apple for 7 990 rubles. This router is equipped with a 3.5 mm Jack for headphones and speakers, so it can be used for listening to music via AirPlay.

After updating iPhone to iOS 11.4 users found in the app Home a new component of the AirPort Express. Now the router, but rather the stereo system that connected to it, can be used for listening music along with other speakers, including the HomePod.

Unfortunately, the process of setting up a new sound source cannot be completed. Apparently, as in the case of the HomePod, you need to wait until Apple engineers will prepare an update for the base stations.

The appearance of the device in the Home was a real surprise for users. Previously, Apple refused to develop new routers and haven’t updated the existing. The latest version of AirPort Express went on sale in 2012.

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