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“Rostelecom” removed “killer” of Skype from the app stores

The company “Rostelecom” has removed the recently released messenger app for sharing audio and video, “alle” from the App Store and Google Play. The first users have left such negative reviews that a client had to withdraw from the app stores.

New messenger “Rostelecom” was launched two weeks ago: through it, users can make audio and video calls, but could not send text messages. After receiving a lot of negative feedback, the company decided to remove “the killer” of Skype from the stores and send back for revision.

While those who managed to download the app, it is now locked and the screen shows the message “Service is in the administrative block.” In conversation with “Izvestia”, the company said that reworks the app and later release it again.

Users began to criticize the “Hello” immediately after release. To create a full account in the application was required to enter into a contract in the office of “Rostelecom” in Voronezh a separate room.

“To make full use of the new Patriotic messenger, to go to a physical office with a passport. Looking for employee to give him your account and sign a contract. I’m not kidding. Moreover, the office in Moscow only two, both not persistent, i.e. it should be strictly in working hours”, – says Dmitry Ryabinin.

The final touch was banal “wet” service: some people even after a complicated registration could not write or call.

“”Alle” was launched into pilot commercial operation in the city of Voronezh. We are grateful to first users for the feedback, the comments will be taken into account to make the service better,” – said the press service of “Rostelecom”

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“Rostelecom”, according to experts, improperly positioned new, as it was considered an alternative to messenger, and implied an alternative to the landline.

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