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Rostelecom decided not to close the national search engine “Sputnik”

17.05.2017 apleapplekot 0 Comments

Rostelecom will continue to develop gosposhlina Sputnik and optimizing it. RNS reported, citing a statement by the President of the state of the operator Michael Tatarstan.

Rostelecom decided not to close the national search engine "Sputnik"

The head of “Rostelecom” called Sputnik a “good” product, which includes search engine and browser. “I must admit, was established a good product, it is a full complex, which includes search engine and browser, and, probably, in this context, this project has fulfilled its task. I don’t know was whether the task is to adequately compete with Yandex or Google, but nevertheless, the company, and the country had such a tool is” — said Oseyevsky.

According to him, the operator at the moment thinking about additional applications for search engine and looking at the use of products for big data processing. Governor added that the situation that created Sputnik, was different than it is now, so the project was not as effective.

May 12, media reported that “Rostelecom” declared “Satellite” failed project and looking for ways to reformat it. The company said that they wanted to “make adjustments” to the plans for the development of a search engine or even to close it.

Rostelecom decided not to close the national search engine "Sputnik"

For three years, Sputnik has not become popular: technically was good, but not competitive. According to LiveInternet, the share of the search traffic of “Yandex” in the Russian Internet amounted in April to 54%, Google of 40.8%, 4.4 per cent. I have not received one cent.

In June of last year it became known that “Rostelecom” is forced to reconsider the strategy of development of the project. The reasons were the economic crisis and the decline of attendance of the project. A source then told that Sputnik will be focused on the state and parastatal structures.

The search engine was presented in may 2014 at the St. Petersburg international economic forum. In 2015, according to “SPARK-Interfax”, the proceeds of the “Satellite” amounted to 136,6 million roubles, a loss – 150,5 million rubles. The project receives no money from the sale of advertising in search results, and from contracts related to public services and “big data”.


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