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“Rostec” showed Putin the computers “Elbrus” a new generation of 130 000 rubles

During the working visit to Yekaterinburg President of Russia Vladimir Putin participated in the opening ceremony of the eighth International exhibition of industry and innovations “Innoprom-2017”. The head of state visited the stand of “Rostec” at the exhibition and got acquainted with samples of the latest civil products manufacturing Corporation.

Among others on the stand “Rostec” was presented a new model of a personal computer based on the Russian processor “Elbrus”. A test batch of 50 computers “Elbrus 101-RS” plan to produce up to the end of the summer, in 2018 to develop their production.

“Elbrus 101-PC”, said “Assistance”, can be used as a module of management of industrial production, on-Board computer for vehicles, a personal portable terminal and a network storage system (NAS).

The technical characteristics of the Elbrus 101-RS” “not inferior to foreign analogues with the initial level of performance has a maximum degree of protection consists of domestic components and is assembled exclusively at Russian enterprises”, the company said.

According to sources, the cost of the first computers “Elbrus 101-RS” will be about 130 000. The entire test batch will be distributed among customers from government agencies, said the representatives of the company “Ruselectronics” producing “Elbrus 101-RS”.

After the start of serial production of the new model “Elbrusy” the cost of these computers will be about 70 000.

The first is represented by Rostec personal computer with the processor “Elbrus” — “arm of El’brus-401” — was worth in may, 2015 for about 200 000. When run in series the manufacturer also promised to reduce its cost to 70 000 rubles.

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