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Rostec presented a “smart” glasses to control the computer by sight

“United instrument manufacturing Corporation”, a member of rostec, presented the “smart” glasses designed to simplify the management of computers, smartphones and “smart” gadgets. The device allows you to interact with various electronic devices with just a look.

The development is called “Neuro-M”. It is a wearable headset equipped with augmented reality display and a system for determining the direction of gaze of the user. The product is designed to simplify daily human interaction with electronic devices.

For accurate tracking involved two cameras with a recording frequency of eye movements up to 200 frames per second, allowing you to use gaze direction as a three dimensional cursor. Accompanying the neural interface “brain-computer” analyzes the electroencephalogram of the user, increasing the efficiency of interaction with electronic devices.

Headset “Neuro-M” that allows you to manage look that can completely replace a keyboard and mouse, say the developers. With smart glasses you can type texts, browse the Internet sites and work in various programs, etc. In the case of household appliances remote switching on and off devices.

The headset also allows you to type messages, displaying on the transparent display points graphical user interface in the form of a keyboard with the Russian alphabet.

Currently, the “Neuro-M” is tested. The timing of output devices on the market not reported.

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