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Rostec has developed a wireless charger for smartphones by 2018

“Rostec” prepared for the world Cup 2018 station for wireless charging of smartphones. The product created by specialists of the holding “Schwabe”, included in the Corporation, together with Expromt.

The station is equipped with different adaptors so can charge any phone, computer or tablet. From the station you can charge up to six devices simultaneously, including iOS devices.

In the “assistance” he noted that this is one of the first in Russia chargers for public access is made via wireless technology. A feature of the development in the Corporation called the “special surface”. It will allow the customer to brand the station in accordance with its signature style and fit harmoniously into an object in any space — from the airport to the trade center.

Station for wireless charging has become a joint development owned by the Rostec holding “Schwabe” and the company Expromt. The company published only the image-concept of the new device.

Contracts for the installation of such stations have not yet been established. The cost of the device in the “assistance” also does not open.

In July, Vedomosti reported that rostec was the only executor of the project on creation of infrastructure of communications and IT for world Cup 18. At the end of November 2015, the sources learned of the receipt by the Corporation contract by RUB 239 mln for the project on provision of communications and information technology at the 2018 world Cup.

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