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Roskomnadzor will pay more than $ 100 million for control system lock banned sites

Roskomnadzor plans to spend about 100 million rubles for the development of a system to monitor compliance by operators of the requirements for blocking banned sites. It is reported in the Friday edition of ComNews.

The system will be called “Inspector”. According to the head of Department Alexander Zharov, the contractor will be selected in a competitive procedure based on 29 September. On the right of setting up such a system claimed by the four companies. As stated by Zharov, wins the one who will offer the best solution at the lowest possible price.

“Inspector” will facilitate and expedite the review sites. The system will send queries to the list of banned resources and, based on the responses received, will be reported, blocked website.

Roskomnadzor long time controls and blocks prohibited domain names, web pages and network addresses, but this work is actually in the manual mode. As “Inspector” will include the hardware (sensors) and software. At the initial stage (until the end of 2015) on the lines of the major Telecom operators will be set 700 probes in the first quarter of 2016 Roskomnadzor plans to add another 5-6 thousand probes. A year ago, in the registry of prohibited information was 300 entries today – more than 12 thousand In the near future 10 000 probes can every hour to make 120 million tests, checking, as operators comply with the law.

“The exact number of probes that we need, we don’t know yet”, — said the Deputy head of Roskomnadzor Oleg Ivanov, adding that, perhaps, for the project and will not need so much money.

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As “Inspector” will be able not only to control the lock of banned resources, but also to track service disruptions, and other inconsistencies in the quality of services provided.

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