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Roskomnadzor will be engaged in the lock app in App Store and Google Play

Roskomnadzor proposed to create a working group for the locking of apps in the App Store and Google Play, according to “Izvestia”. Content from the Internet enters the mobile application, therefore, the Department intends to obtain tools for managing this type of content.

The head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov, speaking to owners and producers, invited them to join a working group that will work on the issue of locking applications for mobile platforms iOS and Android.

Head of legal Department of Roskomnadzor Boris Edidin told that content is now began to pass into the application. Today there is no technical way of monitoring and search of pirated content in the App Store and Google Play. Therefore it is necessary, together with the industry to develop appropriate mechanisms.

Edidin identified another problem which we need to start to fight, — to promote ways to bypass locks. “This antisocial action, and it is necessary to develop a mechanism for dealing with such resources”, he said.

Today in the unified register of prohibited information, which leads Roscomnadzor, listed address 1433 505 and resources.

In may of this year, Roskomnadzor has brought in “black list” of links to pages of the official app stores App Store and Google Play, which you can download banned in Russia literature. This is, in particular, was referred to in court decisions and attorney General focused on fulfillment in Roskomnadzor.

It was about the apps containing the text of books, which are included in the Federal list of extremist materials. This was the first blocking of mobile programs in Russia.

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