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Roskomnadzor proposed to regulate app for iOS and Android along with sites

Roskomnadzor believes that it is necessary to work out unified rules of operation of the mobile platforms iOS and Android. This was during the International safe Internet forum said the head of Department Alexander Zharov.

According to Zharov, the number of mobile users is growing steadily, which in turn requires specific rules for the regulation principle of their work. In regard to mobile apps, “adjusted for technological solution” should apply the same principles as for sites on the Internet, he said.

The head of Roskomnadzor drew attention to the rising share of encrypted traffic and the use of anonymization of the Internet traffic. The share of encrypted traffic in Russia is about 30%, and for the protected services also need to find the Golden section regulation,” said the Minister.

Messengers and services for video calls, you must submit to the same rules, which are the operators. “The principle of action on top of the infrastructure operators makes you wonder about the distinction between regulation operators and duplicating their services mobile services”, — said Zharov.

The Minister considers that, in relation to messengers, you need to set the rules by analogy with the operators. At the end of December 2015, Roskomnadzor, at the initiative of the Kremlin has developed a bill providing for the regulation of services for message exchange. According to the document, the messengers supposed to be required to work only under the contract with the service providers and Roskomnadzor, otherwise they will be blocked in Russia.

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