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Roskomnadzor included in the list of prohibited website

The website was unavailable for some users on Thursday afternoon. Complaints of the problem started to appear in social networks. In the register of banned resources stated that the recording was made there on 14 June 2016 decision on. However, according to the website “Every failure”, problems with access started just today at about 14:00.

It’s not about blocking, said the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov. The website was blocked by the providers TTK, “Science and communication” Telecom TZ “Signal”, “Stalnet”, “МарьиноNet”. “Maximalism”, the operator of a Wi-Fi network in the Moscow metro, also blocked

Google stood a redirect from the website of the betting company, so the operators started to block it, said the head of Roskomnadzor. He added that Google has already removed the redirect, so the problem was solved.

What about the pages and the materials in question, is unclear. “We are aware that some users are experiencing problems with access to the site On Google’s side no technical problems. We understand the situation,” — said the representative of Google.

FNS has the right to pre-trial order to demand from Roskomnadzor blocking of sites with 2015, we are Talking about sites that violate the legislation on gambling and lotteries. Last July, the media reported that at the request of the service Roskomnadzor blocked more than 6000 online casinos and betting sites, and also about 50 mobile applications for such companies. The sites were blocked because the creators of websites and applications not received special state license as an organizer of gambling.

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This is not the first scandal associated with the locks. In early June, part of the resources not included in the black list of Roskomnadzor, was blocked, and it happened because of a vulnerability in the locking system: it allows to attach an IP address of a respectable resource to the forbidden address. Among the blocked was online cinema Ivi, hosting control panel in the office of the users of the hosting provider Selectel, the site of “Medusa”.

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