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Roskomnadzor has warned about possible blocking YouTube because of pirated copies of “the Teacher”

Roskomnadzor said about the possible introduction of video hosting YouTube in the register of copyright violators. According to the Ministry, the page with videos of the series “Fizruk” and “Chernobyl” on YouTube will be included in the register of copyright violators, upon application by the owner — the company “TNT-broadcasting Network”. In total, the lock will be subjected 137 separate links containing materials of the first and second seasons.

Restricting access will be conducted on specific URLS, however, due to the use of YouTube secure HTTPS connection, some service providers may not be available fully.

As emphasized in Roskomnadzor, since April of this year, representatives of the Department have repeatedly appealed to the administration of the resource requirement to remove pirated copies of video. First, the materials were removed, but further checks showed that on the website again appeared similar links infringing content.

“July 20, 2015 was held the next monitoring illegal placement of the TV series “the Teacher” and “Chernobyl” on the portal YouTube. As a result, found 137 links that hosts illegal content”, — said the Agency.

Roskomnadzor warns of Russian users that on Monday, 27 July 2015, the individual signs of the pages of YouTube will be included in the register of copyright violators. After 3 working days in case of nautaline illegal information access to these links will be limited to operators. This may lead to subscribers of certain ISPs will be limited access to the entire YouTube service.

In December 2014 under the lock on the territory got another popular Western video hosting — Vimeo. Access to the resource is restricted because of the roller terroristicheskoy organization “Islamic state” (ISIS). The entry declared extremist in the state office of public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation.

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