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Roskomnadzor has tested lock apps in the App Store and Google Play

Roskomnadzor found a technical possibility to block mobile apps in online stores App Store and Google Play. This was during a meeting with representatives of the IT industry, rights holders, and organizations for the protection of copyright on the Internet said the representative office.

“Tested this possibility, at the moment we ascertain the readiness of the lock pirate servers (mobile applications — approx.) if you continue functioning after the injunction. These measures will be taken in extreme cases, all legislative mechanisms available,” said the head of Department of licensing of operation, control and supervision in sphere of mass communications of the Minister Vadim Subbotin.

In order to limit the spread of illegal content in mobile applications, the working group developed and presented recommendations to restrict access to illegal content in the stores. In case of violation of the rights of content owners, application-violators will apply strict measures.

According to the recommendations, the experts suggest to classify applications in three groups. The first is unspecialized (basic sentences), not intended for distribution of any content, but allows you to access it. Such applications include browsers, messengers, search engines and mailing agents.

The second group includes legal specialized applications that deal with the legal distribution of intellectual property. For example, file sharing (Dropbox, Yandex.Disk), content aggregators (YouTube, and the social network. The third group of the selected application, which illegally placed objects of intellectual property.

In case of detection of illegal content in the first place, it is recommended to contact the application owner who posted the content, with the requirement to remove illegal information. If we are talking about online application store (App Store or Google Play), are requested to send the complaint with the requirement to remove illegal content from the catalog in the shop.

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If the application owner or administrator of the online store does not fulfil the requirement of the right holder, it is recommended to address in court with the statement concerning the application. In addition, representatives of the working group noted that the most effective measure against piracy is the use of measures designed directly to the source of distribution of illegal content.

The head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov said that in April Roskomnadzor will conduct a training workshop for rights holders together with representatives of Apple and Google.

“We are not going to punish anybody, we’re going to hold a seminar with those companies that follow the American anti-piracy act and quickly removed. They explained to the owners, as they need to act to ensure removal of applications from the store that gives access to pirated content,” he said.

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