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Roskomnadzor has blocked a portion of Google IP addresses

On 22 April, some Russian users have found that they did not work part of Google services, including home search engine. The consequences of the struggle of Roskomnadzor Telegram.

In the group Roskomnadzor in “Vkontakte” there was a record in which the Agency confirmed that it has blocked a number of IP addresses Google. This is because Google used the Telegram as a proxy.

Google to date has not satisfied the requirements of Roscomnadzor and in violation of the verdict of the court continues to allow the company Telegram Messenger Limited Liability Partnership to use its IP address to carry out activities on the territory of Russia.

In this regard, Roskomnadzor has made in the register of prohibited information, the number of Google IP addresses that are used by Telegram to carry out activities in the Russian Federation.

18 APR Google banned to use their server as a proxy to bypass locks. The company is aware that Russian users are experiencing problems with access to services and promised to look into the matter.

We are aware of reports that some users in Russia do not have access to some Google products; we understand these messages.

— Google (@Googleindia) 22 APR 2018

Lock Telegram in Russia began on April 16. During this time, Roskomnadzor has blocked approximately 16 million IP addresses of the servers Google and Amazon. However, messenger still works without VPN and proxy.

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