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Roskomnadzor finally “finish” .

Roskomnadzor has made a new step in the fight against Internet pirates. Already blocked on the territory of the Russian torrent-tracker Rutracker going to finish finally closing the access to all of its mirrors, as well as official servers that give the participants of the data exchange the IP addresses of sources to download files.

According to “Izvestia”, Roskomnadzor started blocking service server Rutracker. Users in Runet already experiencing difficulties with uploading files. Rights holders also prepare for transfer to court documents prohibiting access to the so-called “mirrors” that allow Internet users to bypass the blocking of the torrent tracker.

The result will be a full stop of downloading content, or slowing down to critical speeds. Andrei Klimenko, CEO of Pirate Pay, which provides services in Russia to block pirate hands, said that they have already prepared a list of “mirrors” Rutracker, which will soon be blocked.

“Fighting against piracy all better understand the technology and infrastructure of pirate services. We will take more efforts to eradicate illegal distribution of films,” — said the head of the Association “Internet video” Alex Bardin.

According to the head of the online cinema Tvzavr Marina Shurygina, Rutracker is the largest pirate resource: “After blocking his attendance for a time fell, but then users have found ways to bypass bans, and now the site is operating at full power.”

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