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Roskomnadzor exclude Wikipedia from the register of banned sites

Roskomnadzor has recognized that “Wikipedia” has met the requirements Chernoyarsky court of the Astrakhan region, prescribed to remove from the article about drugs Charas prohibited content. This was reported by representatives of agencies and online library.

Roskomnadzor has sent the administration encyclopedia a notification about the deletion of the reference to the article from “the register of banned sites,” said Director of NGO “Wikimedia RU” Stanislav Kozlovsky. A link to an article about carace made in the register on the evening of 24 August, and remove it from the morning of 25 August. This early in the morning on August 25, social media users began to report that they have stopped opening Wikipedia.

“The decision Chernoyarsky court of the Astrakhan region in relation to the online encyclopedia “Wikipedia” is executed. Information, recognized by the court is prohibited, edited. Article about drugs “cars” contained currently in Wikipedia, according to expert opinion of the Federal drug control service of Russia, does not violate the requirements of the legislation”.

Compare the version of the article “the Collection and preparation” and “Use” from 11:00 on 25 August with earlier showed no changes in the text. In decision Chernoyarsky court of 26 July, in particular, it was noted that it is unacceptable to describe in detail the methods of preparation and use of the drug.

“Posted text information showing the method for preparing drug-containing substance “cares”, as well as its components and dosage. One of the components of the substance, the production of which is described in detail, is the hemp plant, which includes cannabis (marijuana) that is included in the approved by the RF Government Decree of 30 June 1998 No. 681 List of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors, turnover of which is forbidden in the Russian Federation”.

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Previously, the administration Wikipedia suffered an article about Qarase to another address and the old address stated in the court decision, ‘ve built a list of meanings of the word “cares”. First, however, Roskomnadzor has considered such a measure to be insufficient. “Steps to move this article to another URL, previously taken by the administration of the Russian segment of the Internet encyclopedia, has not restricted the access of users to information, recognized by the court prohibited”, – said the Agency.

August 18, Roskomnadzor has sent the administration’s Russian “Wikipedia” requirement to remove or block article for Russia. August 20, Executive Director of Wikimedia RU Stanislav Kozlovsky told the media that “Wikipedia” is not going to delete the article. August 24, Roskomnadzor issued a statement which said that the office has sent providers a notification about the need to block an article about charise. On the same day the king issued instructions in the event of locking of Roskomnadzor.

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