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Roskomnadzor declared war torrents in Russia

Roskomnadzor has expanded measures to limit access to servers torrent trackers that distribute pirated content. This is stated in a statement on the official page in social network “Vkontakte”.

“Roskomnadzor takes measures to stop the creation of technical conditions for the distribution of pirate copies of audiovisual products by restricting access to servers torrent trackers – the so-called “anonsery”,” — according to Roskomnadzor, noting that the lock execute the operators on IP.

Anonsery provide for an exchange of addresses of users. When a person starts a torrent file, to download the app accesses the anonsery and receives from them the IP addresses of the users who can download the desired content. Also anonsery is used to track user statistics torrent trackers.

Lock these resources can slow the process of distribution, because the torrent client stops receiving information, one can download a particular file.

The representative of Roskomnadzor Vadim Ampelonskiy said that the Agency has already blocked four servers-the announcer on the basis of judicial acts, issued in late January and early February 2017.

The Moscow city court in the end of 2015, decided on “eternal lock” one of the most popular Russian torrent-tracker Rutracker, on the claim for copyright infringement. In 2016, the Russian operators have begun blocking access to this resource. Most of the users sharing noted in a donation poll that will find ways of bypassing the lock.

In February 2016, the Moscow city court reported that its decision to permanent ban Rutracker does not concern copies, and “mirrors” blocked site of the tracker, otherwise it would have created legal uncertainty.

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