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Roskomnadzor could block everything except the Telegram

16 April 2018 operators have begun to block access to Telegram in Russia. Two days because of the actions of Roskomnadzor disrupt the many services and Telegram continues to work.
Team messenger is not going to just give up. As promised Durov, Telegram has a built-in method to bypass the lock. The application sends notifications of the technical with the new addresses of the servers. Yesterday Roskomnadzor has put in place to block more than half a million addresses. By the mid-17th April in line to block 16 million IP addresses of the servers Google and Amazon.

Telegram does not use all of these addresses. Most IP addresses belong to other companies, many of which provide services in Russia. Users complained of errors when online pay with MasterCard, there are problems with services from Google and Microsoft, Dropbox, and “Sberbank Online”. Some have not worked streaming through Spotify, there were problems with access to social network Odnoklassniki, messenger “tamtam”, some Russian sites and online games.

Roskomnadzor trying by all means to limit the spread of the Telegram. The Agency asked the App Store and Google Play to remove app from Russian stores. Administration of the largest hosting programs for Android APK Mirror complained that the representatives of Roskomnadzor to ban the download of Telegram for users from Russia. On the 4PDA forum has deleted the thread with a discussion of the Telegram.

Of the company providing VPN, has received notification from Roskomnadzor with request to block traffic from the Telegram. Some of them said that they would not cooperate with the Russian authorities. The owners of proxy servers was accused of extremism and ask them to disable proxy.

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Despite all the actions of Roskomnadzor, the Telegram continues to work. But sometimes there may be connectivity issues. Durov warned about this on 13 April and invited to use a VPN or proxy server.

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