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Roskomnadzor banned spy apps for iOS and Android

Roskomnadzor blocked access to several web sites promoting programs for the surveillance of the owners of smartphones. App designed not only to read all activity on mobile devices, but also intercept and listen to live conversations and even remotely activate the microphone and camera.

Roscomnadzor made in the Register of banned sites a few resources, distributing the software for remote surveillance of the owners of smartphones, reports Cnews citing data filing In particular, we are talking about websites with FlexiSpy products and MobileTool. These programs are installed on the smartphone, and then the user can intercept the contents of these devices.

After the application start is forbidden to carry out the control activity to intercept messages in instant messengers and location, and then send the data to your personal account for further analysis. So spies can run remote commands is to turn on the microphone for eavesdropping, activate the camera to send short messages, etc. in addition, the application includes the possibility of wiretapping of telephone conversations, keep a log of visited web sites, read e-mail.

In addition, the programs give access to digital media content-galleries of the smartphone and the notebook. They can be used to perform remote control device.

The cost of FlexiSpy ranges from $68 per month. The application works on operating systems Android (preferably root access), iOS (requires jailbreak), BlackBerry and Symbian. The cost of using MobileTool $0,5 a day. The application works on devices with Android operating system.

The creators of the service argue that they are intended for legitimate purposes: search own smartphone in case of loss, supervision of children and incapacitated relatives, employees, etc.

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However, sites with these programs were blocked by Roskomnadzor. The reason for locking was determined by the courts.

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