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Rosatom is ready to build a data center for Apple and Facebook next to the nuclear power station

Rosatom offers foreign Internet giants area to accommodate future data center to transfer personal data of Russian users. This is reported by “Izvestia” on Friday. The servers of Facebook, Apple and Google may be located on the territory of the Tver region, near Tver NPP.

Director of communications Department of Rosatom Sergey Novikov said the company offers Internet giants Playground near nuclear power plants because they are large consumers of electricity.

“If placed too close to the source, in this case with the power stations, the companies decrease costs and they are guaranteed to get the energy source. Financial costs are also reduced due to the smaller distance from the source,” said Novikov.

According to him, will have time or not companies to build their data centers, the question to them.

“We have electricity, and we can be today or next month to start”, – said the representative of Rosatom.

In this case, as reported by the newspaper the head of the office of information and public relations of JSC “Concern “Rosenergoatom” (is engaged in construction of NPP) Andrew Timonov, the data center project is already being implemented.

“Engaging a General contractor, and all went to work to obtain relevant permissions. First data center to earn closer to the middle of 2016. The data center will be partially used under the right “Rosenergoatom”, he said.

Yesterday it was reported that the Russian authorities failed to carry the entry into force of the law on the localization of personal data of Russian citizens on servers in the Russian Federation (September 1, 2015), however, the punitive potential of this law, at least this year, to use is not planned.

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“There was a discussion about the need to slow down the action of the law, to make him sleep for a year. In this story need to put an end” – has declared on Thursday to journalists by the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov. According to him, the law will take effect as scheduled, but “no fail or collapse for the industry is not going to happen.”

To the data transfer in the Russian Federation has launched Samsung, Lenovo, Aliexpress, Ebay, PayPal, Uber, and other players, said the head of Roskomnadzor. Meanwhile, the localization data of Russians do not yet major players such as Apple, Google and Facebook.

Meeting with Google was a month and a half ago, and now they think will respect the law,” Zharov said, adding that until September 1, when the law comes into force, representatives of the American company and Roskomnadzor, will likely still meet. “Facebook will arrive on August 25,” said Zharov. Twitter does not handle personal data, says Roskomnadzor.

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