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Ronaldo&Hugo: Superstar Skaters – crazy race

Even if you’ve never launched a Superstar Skaters, you’ve probably heard about this game: its a picture walking across social networks. The caption read: “Cristiano Ronaldo and Kuzma ran away from the paparazzi in the new game”. After downloading the app, we can’t argue with that supremely surreal synopsis – indeed, a Portuguese footballer and early TV star zero. Indeed, escaped. From paparazzi, yeah. In Las Vegas, note.

Superstar Skaters does not hesitate and immediately charges the trump card in the forehead: the screen comes up smiling Cristiano Ronaldo. However, younger – about the way he looked when he played for Manchester United”. Riding a skateboard, football player goes into a dive, trying to escape from the annoying photographer that constantly need something. If during the game not to worry and to collect letters Hugo opens the second highlight of the program – Troll Kuzma.

Characters can be selected in the main menu: the gameplay is no difference between them, but then, you know, the differences are rather ideological (and possibly psychiatric); the mere presence of such diverse personalities in one game is a bit shocking. After recovering from the shock, you can probably look at the game itself is endless runner.

Impressed, apparently, Subway Surfers. The map consists of three lanes, each of which is constantly interrupted by trains, cars and rails for technical slides on a skateboard. To jump from one lane to another must famously as the pace grows a lot in 5-10 minutes after the start of the game. Naturally, not bored: in the screen buzzing constantly climb subway cars (and where they are in Las Vegas?) and traffic stops. Superstar Skaters for the mistake punishes severely: first time on the ill-fated paparazzi get a little close, and the second embraces the flashbulbs under the words Game Over. Okay, there is no such inscription, but the game really ends any proceeds received in tribute a few crystals.

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Like all decent runners, Superstar Skaters is free, but we all understand that behind this. Fortunately, the authors did not give the notes to cloud your eyes and then you can only pay for things status rather than gameplay. A new skateboard and a new jacket they give increase to the characteristics, but beautifully played without them. Owner, in General, sir: if you want to cover up their two players, then, please, no one bothers. Of course, Superstar Skaters – conscious kitsch; even in something provocative.

TraceVue mixing of the main characters, the scene and the overall setting of shocking at first, and then you realize – actually, that’s a good line. At least none of this no more (though it is unclear whether that was). Interesting, the idea.

As for the gameplay, it’s obvious what is the standard strong runner and, in addition, a worthy alternative podnadoevshih Subway Surfers. The fast pace, the limiting concentration, a lot of Golden coins, generously scattered on the level – all successful components for the runner there. And graphics: Superstar Skaters – very colorful and bright game; no wonder it takes place in the capital of fun and revelry.

Download Ronaldo&Hugo: Superstar Skaters at this link.

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