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Roman Shirokov admitted that they did not use gold iPhone purchased in response to Western sanctions

At the time, the captain of Russian national team on football and the midfielder Moscow “Spartak” Roman Shirokov has attracted media attention, becoming the owner of gold plated iPhone with the image of Russian symbolism over 180 000. Then he said that the purchase will be a worthy response to Western sanctions. Now, in an interview with Championat football player admitted that they did not use gold iPhone and “ready to give it away for nothing.”

As stated in interview to journalists the novel Shirokov, “these phones look impressive and Patriotic, and represented the Russian response to the sanctions of the West.”

“What became of the gold iPhone with the emblem of Russia? You need one. The house lies in a box, give for nothing. It was not a response to the sanctions, why would I need it,” said Shirokov.

The athlete is the owner of a special gold plated version of the iPhone with the Russian coat of arms on the rear panel. The smartphone is made in case of gold and decorated with bas-relief of the coat of arms of Russia and the national ornament. Buying a gold iPhone, the player stated that such an expensive smartphone will look respectable and Patriotic while traveling abroad.

“I hope that sanctions will help to live better. You can see that our economy is changing. I can’t feel: it’s got to feel people who have less income. When I’m at the level of the lower middle class, then it will be changed or not.

Enough rich people cannot understand it fully. The money invested somewhere, and like all works for us. A man who not only gets significantly less feel these moments most urgent matter he has a job or not, as it is paid.

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I’m not very well versed in the economy, but experts say that we are in a long time, were the first grains. It means that something is changing – drew attention to the village” – said Shirokov.

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