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Roleplay Runeblade was released exclusively for the Apple Watch [video]

It is hard to imagine a full-fledged role-playing game, in which you can play on the screen of the smart watch. And this really is. Meet the Runeblade is the first project created exclusively for the Apple Watch.

For the development of the Runeblade is Finnish Studio Everywear Games, which was founded by immigrants bp Rovio, Digital Chocolate and Remedy, which gained fame through Angry Birds and Max Payne respectively.

Runeblade really is the first and so far only role-playing game that feels quite comfortable on the tiny screen of the Apple Watch. The developers have implemented eventful gameplay, without any compromises. In the game hordes of different monsters, many magical runes, spells and artifacts.

The main focus of Runeblade made the short duration of the sessions. Gamers do not have hours to view the dialogues or to seek out the time to fight the boss. Events are unfolding rapidly. The battle had an average duration of 10-15 seconds, but enough to feel the spirit of the fantasy world.

Familiarize yourself with the game can everyone who has managed to acquire a “smart” clock Apple. In the future, the Studio plans to release updates with additional content.

Download Runeblade for Apple Watch for free, follow this link.

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