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Rogue Racer – Traffic Race: maneuvered, maneuvered, but did not villereal

The timekillers are different. Some perform the eternal human desire to procrastinating, some take interesting gameplay or design. Some cling to the user’s new features. But there are few game turns out good because it very accurately reproduces real life situations.

At first glance, the Rogue Racer has nothing to do with realism. Cartoon, even a little “cubic” graphics – cars like made of LEGO, underfoot spreading ridiculous asphalt on the track, moving the corners, pedestrians walk. Deliberately fun and practical baby picture – nothing portends persistent feeling of deja vu, which will come in half an hour after getting acquainted with the game.

The game itself is pretty straightforward. You are given a car and two pedals – gas and brake. Task – as long as you can pass, scoring a lot of points. The higher your speed, the more points faster gain; to go quieter, but the method is clearly not for the Rogue Racer.

And now, sorry, associations. You control gyro machine wanders through the rows, listening to the movements of the device itself. You can set the control buttons – but in any case do not do this. And here’s why. Traffic in the game close on the road a few hundred like you, motorists. To maneuver between them is rather difficult, but enjoyable: every time I rejoice, when it is possible, say, to get between the car and the truck.

And there sure someone will remember – Yes, he just cut through the ranks as recently as yesterday. Or not cut, but the saw cut. But if not seen then heard. The result is an interesting feeling – seems to be playing a colorful game, and you feel like in the middle of a busy highway on Monday morning.

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Otherwise Rogue Racer – pretty entertaining, but simple game. For the successful races give money that can be spent on new cars – increases movement speed and, accordingly, the number of resulting points. True, have to save or buy cars with real money.

The app itself is free, so a slight tinge of donation are quite relevant.

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