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Rocket VPN – Free Proxy Shield


Free VPN: an overview of the Rocket VPN applications from Liquidum

  • Access to content not available in your country (for example, YouTube videos or applications)
  • Have your data encrypted, increase your security and privacy
  • Rocket Browser : browse the internet from the Rocket browser to be protected
  • Rocket VPN doesn’t share your connection with other users as opposed to other VPNs (ex: Hola VPN)



Rocket VPN allows you to create a logical network to access the Internet from a smartphone (or tablet) based on Android, ensuring the user:

a) anonymity,

b) the protection of all data transmitted through reliable encryption and, finally,

c) the ability to open sites, which for some -What reasons blocked (for example, at work), and go to the ones you need. With these three tasks free Rocket VPN copes “with a bang”.


On the server, you can select the main page. At Rocket they are in the following countries: Czech Republic, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, USA, Japan and Singapore.


Every month you have access to 500 MB of free traffic, there are no other restrictions. Settings are also there. But there is advertising, which opens every 20 seconds. Although how much you will use the application? I Went – including, where necessary – shut down. In general, the ads in this application is not annoying.

I tested the American Rocket VPN server, the results are as follows: Ping – 245 ms, receive – 2.95 Mbit / s transmission – 4.56 Mbit / s.


If it were not such a strict limitation of free traffic, by Rocket VPN would not have had any complaints. And so just move on.

However, it is time to talk about Rocket VPN application. Download it for free can be in the official store. After installing and running, just click the button «Connect» ( «Connect”) to create a smartphone for your virtual private network. The user can select the country, through the gate in which he or she will go to the Internet. Rocket VPN prompt the optimal server. Select a server, press the button «Connect», looked stylish animation departing somewhere up mascot, and you can safely go to the secure free Internet VPN. Now any application running on your mobile device, will use a virtual private network Rocket VPN, YouTube whether you favorite browser, client social networks , email, etc.

All data will be protected, sites and online services – enabled, and you get rid of the annoying attention of ad networks and other “third parties”, collecting a variety of information about internet users. To surf the web, you can use the built-in browser Rocket VPN application. By the way, the six applications can be tied to specific locations. For example, the Chrome – to Japan, the YouTube – to Germany, and the “default” browser – to Sweden. Conveniently, if you face with certain limitations in specific applications. Just open Rocket VPN application, run through the desired program, and virtual private network you go through the gate, located in one country or another.


 If you’ve never heard of the VPN, it does not mean that the virtual private network you do not need. For example, Rocket VPN application is useful in outdoor Free Wi-Fi networks, because the data on them are sent unencrypted, and passwords from your social networks or even the internet banking may become prey to hackers. Using a VPN once and will protect sensitive data from theft.

 In addition, your personal data is tracked on the Internet a variety of mass advertising networks: what sites you visit, and how, where linger with any device access to the network, etc. The scope of such legitimate “shadowing” of the imagination, because of you, you can collect a huge mass of data without your knowledge. While regulators in different countries to decide what to do with “advertising spyware”, you can secure your Web surfing from annoying curiosity ad networks and potential intruders via VPN.

Rocket VPN – a worthy application that provides everyone bright enough to work for free virtual private network. It offers users the choice of location, nice design, built-in browser, the absence of deadlocks and delays, as well as the reliable operation of the connection. Anyone who is looking for a free VPN – strongly recommend to pay attention to the Rocket VPN application!

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