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ROC said that blessed Golden iPhone with prayers and called them “vulgarity”

The Russian Orthodox Church blessed the sale of luxury models iPhone with religious symbols. About it I wrote in Facebook the head of the Patriarchal press service of father Alexander Volkov.

“I draw the attention of colleagues to the fact that no blessing of the Russian Orthodox Church for sale luxury models of mobile phones no. The phrase “In the ROC have blessed…” is pure deception, because such a formulation need the blessing of the Patriarch or Synod, which, of course, can not be in principle against such things,” – said Volkov.

“Some action of a single Bishop (still need to figure out how it was all actually) can not be the basis for such generalizations”, – said the head of the press service, under the generalization referring to the statement about being blessed. According to Volkov, the aggressive advertising campaign of the manufacturer is certainly justified from his point of view by any means, but to do so dishonestly. “Vulgarity is some” — he concluded.

Caviar a Russian company has announced a new model of iPhone 7 from the collection of the Credo. The exclusive “Save and Protect”, the “our father” and “Source” came to the feast of the Passover. According to jewelers, the iPhone was consecrated in Gorodetsky Fedorovsky monastery and received the blessing of the Bishop of Gorodets and Vetluga Augustine. The average smartphone price is 200 000 rubles.

“The Bishop showed the model explained the essence of the collection. As far as I know, he liked the design and he praised, praised. They consulted, and decided that a good thing, you can consecrate. He blessed the whole collection. From the Church it was completely disinterested and free,” – said the press Secretary of the brand Anna Lobova.

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In addition to each model of smartphones are “smart” watch Apple Watch with the words “our father” and “Save and protect”.

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