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ROC has launched an Orthodox messenger to communicate with the clergy and donations

Russia has launched a new app “Pravini Telegrams”, created on the platform of the messenger Telegram and is intended for communication of Orthodox believers. The service was launched under the motto “Orthodox, unite!”

As reported by the Synodal Department of the Moscow Patriarchate on relations of the Church with society and the media, “Pravini Telegrams” will be useful to a number of possibilities. With the help of the clergy will be able to take requests for prayer support from parishioners and promptly to the request req, to the temple and distributing to its subscribers, to organize volunteers, collect donations.

The app also gives you the opportunity to subscribe to the official channel of one or another Orthodox Church or to enter into any General group of the temple. Parishioners will be able to follow the life of the Church and communicate with each other. Messenger is available in eight languages.

According to the developers, the messenger is greater than 132 000 users who have created nearly a thousand groups. Also, the application 360 official channels and groups, and more than 15 000 registered churches and monasteries. “Pravini” worked on the Telegram platform since 2013, and only in 2017 and formed into independent project.

On the main page of the application published opinions of the clergy and of believers that supported the creation of the messenger. “Most of the parishioners of your parish work in the world and are often real experts in their field. Among your good friends, you can find a babysitter, mechanic, hairdresser, doctor, lawyer.<…> The Orthodox will assess their work reasonably, and perhaps can be of service to the glory of God and fulfill the work according to conscience,” wrote the creators of “Pravity”.

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