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Robbers in St. Petersburg, shot through nesparennym iPhone 1.7 million rubles

The pin code for unlocking your phone can spy on or to find out the traces on the screen because it is always the same. And the fingerprint scanner is practically impossible to forge without specialized equipment. The incident, which occurred with a resident of St. Petersburg can be a good example of why onoine to use biometric security on mobile devices.

Police about a month looking for suspects who drove a passenger, leaving the first without the iPhone, and then – without one million rubles in the accounts. A group of taxi drivers took, no less, ordered the Department of Central Board.

According to the publication “Fontanka”, on March 29 on suspicion of robbery police detained four citizens of Azerbaijan: three relatives in age from 19 to 46 and 32-year-old friend. All the detainees were working as taxi drivers in the Northern capital, and are relevant to the Central district.

The crime itself was committed on 18 February, when drunk from St. Petersburg on Nevsky prospect took advantage of the offer of strangers to Volkswagen. The two brothers, according to investigators, hit a drunken passenger over the head, took the iPhone 6s, 15, 000 and threw the man out of the car.

However, all is not over: robbers gave the iPhone its 19-year-old relative who unlocked gadget and cashed through mobile banking is 150 000 rubles. Finding another way of “income”, the attackers, she recruited a friend who wrote off another 1.6 million tied to the account numbers.

The conclusion of this story is very simple: if you have not set a password on your smartphone, you immediately need to do this. If your model has a Touch ID scanner, it is best to use it. So you securely protects all stored information on iPhone from prying eyes.

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