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River on the roof: what will be the new headquarters of Apple

Apple has not yet managed to finish a new headquarters in a flying saucer, as we have already chosen the project for its next base. The second new building of Apple in Silicon valley will be a futuristic complex called Central & Wolfe, according to Realty Rbc, citing the California business publication Silicon Valley Business Journal.

Office center will be built in Sunnyvale, located North of Cupertino — Apple’s current deployment. The project received its name because the streets on which it is located: on one side the building will be adjacent to Central Expressway, on the other hand to Wolfe Road. The headquarters will be built Landbank and development company project on American architecture firm HOK. Apple will not buy back the building — instead, the company will take a multifunctional complex for rent. The deal between Apple and developers have already been signed. The timing of construction has not been determined.

New multifunctional centre it is planned to build on the 18 acres (7.3 hectares) in one of the most peaceful cities in the United States: in terms of safety Sunnyvale occupies 18-e a place in the United States. The headquarters receives the form of a Shamrock, the petals of which surround a natural amphitheater with 500 seats. In the Central square and next to it will be able to accommodate a coffee shop, a fitness center, meeting room, shop, hairdresser, Bank, dry cleaning, Laundry, several playgrounds and even a workshop for bike repair — the exact assignment of all ancillary facilities will be able to choose the tenant.

A distinctive feature of the project — a huge number of walking areas and green spaces. Taking into account the rooftop garden area of the green surface of the Central & Wolfe will reach 79%, without accounting for 53 per cent. The total length of pedestrian walkways exceeds 3 km, half that distance will pave right up on top of Shamrock. To the territory the headquarters will be able to stop by a food truck that is a truck from which sell takeaway. This is a common practice in the USA: food is cooked right in the truck, and the rotation of food trucks allows us to provide a variety of menus for employees.

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Perhaps the most striking impression from the headquarters of Apple is an artificial garden with rivers right on the roof of the building. Greenery on the roof is 8 300 sq. m. For watering plants specialists of the Bureau of the NOC will be equipped with a closed water system, which will help to save resources. Part of the electricity will come from solar panels. Through energy efficient technologies, the owner will save up to $2.5 million a year just on heating, electricity and sanitation.

The buildings themselves are four stories, two more floors will go under the earth — there are organised Parking. The ceiling height on each floor exceeds 4 m and the distance of each workstation from the Windows will fit in 14 m. Each employee will be able to reach on foot from the centre of the amphitheatre in his Department for 2.5 minutes. The total area of offices Apple will be 68 700 sq m, the remaining 3 000 sq m is a utility room.

A large part of Central & Wolfe is organized as open space: according to the developers of the project, this arrangement allows you to achieve a close communication between colleagues and extremely fast work. For every thousand square feet here we have 6.9 persons, this is equivalent to 7.4 people per 100 square meters — very high for the US, the density of workers in the office.

Currently Apple employees are working at home or in the Central office, which can accommodate 2,800 people. In 2016 the company should move to a yet unfinished round building, known as Apple Campus 2. The construction of this complex will cost $5 billion, the relocation will take six months. New headquarter with an area of 260 000. square meters can accommodate 13 thousand workers, the building is being built in one and a half km East from the existing headquarters in Cupertino.

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For its shape Campus 2 is nicknamed “Flying saucer”. The facade will be lined with glass, and around the building splits the Park into several hundred trees. Near the main building will house another round building, which will take place practice students. What are the units Apple is Campus2, and which will move to Central & Wolfe, is unclear.

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