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“Right to oblivion”: search engines will be obliged to remove links to information about the Russians

A group of deputies headed by two members of the Committee on information policy in the Duma introduced a bill on the obligation of search engines to remove links to information about citizens. Failure will be punished by a fine of 100,000 rubles, in default of the relevant decision of the court the amount of the fine may go up to 3 million rubles.

“Distributed in the Internet information about citizens is not always consistent with the principles of timeliness, accuracy, and may be distributed in violation of the law, in connection with which the bill proposes to provide citizens with the right to require the operator of the search system on the Internet to stop issuing links, allowing access to information on this citizen”, – quotes RBC explanatory note to the draft law.

In the explanatory Memorandum also notes that the bill does not limit the access to resources that disseminate information about citizens, and creates a mechanism for the cessation of issuance of links to this information.
According to the proposals of the parliamentarians, citizens will be able to request removal of inaccurate and disseminated in violation of the law details. In addition, you require the removal of links and accurate information, but no earlier than three years after its publication.

The document discusses that Internet search engines will not be required to remove only links to event information that contains elements of criminal offences, provided that it is not expired period of criminal liability for the described act. Those wishing to use the proposed legislation also fails to achieve the removal of links to information about their own crimes until the time of withdrawal or cancellation of conviction.

Deputies also submitted to the state Duma another bill, which provides for administrative liability for operators of Internet search engines for refusing to remove links to information on citizens at their request, in the form of a fine of up to $ 100 000.

In addition, the document says that the operators of Internet search engines, refused to execute the court decision about the removal of such links, can be fined up to 3 million rubles.

According to the Director of external communications Rambler&Co. Matvey Alekseev, proposed by deputies of the shift presents a number of potential dangers for search engines. So, Alekseev reminded that the search results is based on data that is in the network, not always on the same source, and rebuilding the work of the search algorithm expensive. In addition, such a rule creates the opportunity for abuse of the right of removal.

“I think for the deletion of information subject to the enactment of this law, people have to pay,” said Alekseev.

Similar rule called “right to oblivion”, entered into force in the European Union a year ago. Then the court ordered IT companies that manage search engines, to respond to requests to delete personal data that are not of interest to the public

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