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Revolutionary keyboard with multi-tasking ReBoard learned Russian language

Unique capabilities ReBoard keyboard that eliminates the need to use a number of mobile applications on iPhone and iPad, has got support of the Russian language. With the release of version 2.0, it became possible to make requests in Cyrillic.

The developers of Gursimranjeet Singh joined the Internet search, cloud storage, calendars, task managers and various Internet services, allowing you to perform many things in just a couple of taps. Actually, the keyboard ReBoard can be called only conditionally, because the application presents a set of different options. It and content search, and translator, and “Wikipedia” and search engine for YouTube, eBay and many other popular services.

Right on the keyboard are functional buttons for a transition to a particular instrument. This means that to move between Notes, Dropbox, Wunderlist and Music while working on the essay or report can be several times faster and more convenient.

ReBoard saves time when you send video from YouTube or pictures from the search box. It is also a quick way to create an event or add a reminder. To convert and perform math operations more convenient in the Spotlight. Functions divided in separate tabs, as well as automation tools to perform routine tasks.

Use ReBoard is easy. Pressing the function key icon Command need to enter a query for a particular service. This can be a mathematical formula for the calculator, the term for “Wikipedia”, the value to convert, a new event for your calendar, text for publication in social networks, etc.. After entering the request, will choose from the list service and enjoy a result. The keyboard calculates the time saved to the user over the past 7 days.

In addition to the support of the Russian language in the new version of ReBoard were added new skins and bug fixes. Keyboard is available at this link.

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