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Review Xiaomi Mi Band 2

You have probably heard a lot of Xiaomi Mi Band 2. We finally brought in and we will try to make it a full picture – a brief and interesting.

Box Mi Band 2 is very similar to the box from the previous generation of the bracelet. Externally, they differ only a little in a different color, and inside, the main difference is the unit of the bracelet. Inside furthermore it is possible to find the strap, charger (sorry, for charging the device it still will need to remove the strap) and the user manual, unfortunately – completely useless and in Chinese.

Block bracelet significantly increased in comparison with the previous generation, and that means backwards compatibility, straps and chargers will not. Therefore, they should be protected, at least in the first months, until the start of massive sales of accessories for the fitness bracelet.

The strap, besides the increase in the hole under the unit, also changed the clasp – she became thinner and sharper, respectively, and the holes under it, too, decreased. It is not very convenient, because now, buttoning the strap, you can accidentally injure your hand. But in fact the strap is now nine holes, it became even more versatile and suitable for a thin and little maiden hand, and a massive and muscular male.

The hole under the strap also increased, and subjective feelings became more fragile. The band as a whole has not lost its respectability and gentleness, gone is the feeling that he will fall bracelet. Yet it disappeared the inscription “designed by Xiaomi”, and there was the serial number of the strap.

The first time to insert a block into the strap quite uncomfortable. First, it is unclear which side to do it – from above or below. It turned out that the easiest – to-bottom, but still fit it the first time is very tight, even scary to break the block.

But enough about the secondary, most importantly in the bracelet – his block. The main difference from previous models is the screen. At first glance it seems that the screen needs to be on the entire front panel, but no — he is here is very, very small. Pixels it is possible to distinguish with the naked eye, but given the fact that the screen is monochrome and small, it does not matter.

Button on the unit is touch – sensitive. It is responsible, primarily, for showing the time. You can display time in another way – simply rotate the bracelet screen to the eyes, but at the same time appears with the horrible delay in second (or slightly longer), and sometimes that does not appear. Another button is used to display other parameters (distance traveled, number of steps, pulse, calories burned, and the remainder of the battery. Each of them, except time, can be disabled.

To wear watch is pretty nice, the strap is hypoallergenic, no redness on the skin emerged as and discomfort. The only problem is the heart rate monitor on the bottom of the block is slightly convex, and if strongly hold the bracelet as this requires heart rate measurement hand will be uncomfortable, and the skin will leave a nasty mark. The bracelet is protected under the standard IP67, can be submerged in fresh water up to a meter in depth and up to half an hour time.

It should tell you about what you can do with the bracelet in conjunction with the phone and app, because by itself it is quite. And immediately the first trouble – in app on the iPhone, which we tested first, no Russian language.

Besides, when you first start the app, it offers you set activity goal in steps, not calories. Apparently, the steps – a new trend, a new standard in weight loss is a joke. That’s just silly.

In the application of three tabs:

  • Status – basic information and statistics for the day
  • Play with settings and fit the bracelet under him
  • Profile – here you can change name, to configure the attached device to look at your goals in activity and weight, and add friends. You can also change the remaining settings.

If we go in tied to the device – you can see the battery level of the device, and when it was charged last time. Our specimen has been charged for 35 days and the day I managed to discharge it as much as a 9% intensive tests, bind, Windows and many vibrations. The manufacturer claims 20 days of work, apparently, in the average mode of use.

There are some good features. One of them, for example, “find bracelet”. After clicking on smartphone, the Mi Band 2 will begin to vibrate. However, the point of this is not very much, after all, under a pile of things the vibration is hard to hear, and when he is at hand – search it, in General, not necessary. Another feature is that the application can display a change in your weight if you have smart scales from Xiaomi. To buy them also in our online store.

Notification about the call you can disable or set a timer of vibration on the bracelet from three to thirty seconds, and alarm is necessary to put in the app from Xiaomi and not with standard tools. The maximum number of 10 alarms. Are they useful? It is unlikely, after clicking the button, you can only turn the alarm off. In previous versions of the apps was smart alarm clock which vibrated only in the phase of active sleep, now this setting is no, so the alarm clock vibrates exactly at the same moment.

Notifications from other apps are absolutely useless, because there are 7 of them and three of them is the application itself of the bracelet, WeChat and MiTalk. The Rest — Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp. What if a message arrives, it activates the Facebook Messenger app, and the bracelet does not vibrate. The same situation, if you use a third party app for Twitter, for example, Tweetbot. This applies only to the iPhone, as Android notifications are configured from any application. In the app on Android is Russian language.

Sync the app with the bracelet is unrealistic for a long time, sometimes about half a minute of time. During this time, it is already becoming uninteresting, how many steps passed and how many calories you’ve burned.

Heart rate monitor in the wristband are pretty good compared with the Apple Watch, the results have differed only by a few beats. With the pedometer not so clear. Xiaomi said that thanks to the new algorithm should no longer be considered to be false positives, but they are still considered to be, if waving hand or just pull it. This was not to get involved – steps are measured amazingly accurate.

Conclusions: First of all, the new version has design – now this is not a strange thing, and stylish fitness bracelet, which is not ashamed to boast of. And the display – there’s a time and several parameters. If you need it in everyday life, it will be a good addition to the functionality that was already in Mi Band 1S Pulse. But the display, unfortunately, does not give the functionality that is expected of it, especially with regard to notifications from apps on iOS. However, new algorithms still apply, updated heart rate monitor and pedometer work very well. And in General, most stocks Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is caused by the firmware and app on devices which may improve. So that the device will become a very good evolutionary update of the previous model.

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