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Review Redmond SkyKettle G200S: smart kettle with unrealistic lighting and control from your smartphone

A few years ago, we never imagined that we would do a review of the kettle. Electric kettle, Carl! But the technologies are not in place, “smart house” is coming. There are many concepts of “smart home”, but mostly they require large space, a special system for the connection of all devices. Obviously, it is expensive.

A different approach to the implementation of the “smart home” a few years ago was presented by the Redmond company, specializing in the production of household appliances. In a number of devices (crock pots, kettles, coffee makers, heaters, humidifiers and so on) they fitted a Bluetooth module to communicate with smartphones. And to manage the entire range of smart technology is possible through one application called Ready For Sky, available for iOS 8.0 and later and Android 4.3 and newer.

The line successfully sold and developed (over 30 devices at the moment) fresh new kettle SkyKettle G200S. In addition to remote control, it has another feature — beautiful lighting, with almost completely glass body. Color can choose by yourself, and it changes depending on various conditions. The backlight is bright and looks cool even in daylight. And in the dark at all creates a romantic atmosphere.

Aside from the backlight, then we have the usual kettle midrange. Decent build, premium design with use of glass, plastic and metal.

The opportunities of the heated water can be used without mobile — on the handle there is a choice of temperature (40, 55, 70 and 85 degrees). This is the most practical sampling: 40 degrees — the ideal temperature for making infant formula and cereals, and other options suitable for different types of tea (Yes, many varieties do not need to brew with boiling water — the whole point will be lost). By the way, in the application Ready For Sky, you can choose any temperature to the nearest degree. And at the end of the heating kettle will maintain the desired temperature for 12 hours. To disable it, just press the power key or remove the device from the stand.

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For child protection there is a lock option buttons maker — they at all desire will not be able to turn it on.

Incidentally, during the water heating kettle can change color (e.g. from blue to bright red), it very effectively looks!

To access all the features SkyKettle G200S can “podrugi” it with the smartphone. The application Ready For Sky for iOS available in the App Store (there is a version for Android).

Ask why you might need to remotely turn on the kettle? And for convenience and to save time. For example, you Wake up in the morning, the phone is somewhere close by (who else?), reached out, started boiling the water while brushing my teeth — can you brew tea. For young parents the smart kettle — generally find. For example, the child is fed a mixture of, whined at night, you quickly turned on with the phone heating up to 40 degrees, while soothed the baby, the water warmed up, the app gave a notification, quickly prepared a mix — everyone is happy!

The app interface currently looks like this:

On the first tab you can set the parameters of the heating water, the second — all of the lights. Here you can select range of colors and brightness, as well as the intervals change colors. This kettle can be used as a nightlight. And for a romantic dinner and candles needed!

Now preparing a new version Ready For Sky with more modern and bright design. We were able to use the beta version. In it are recipes and tea is ready “presets” for cooking, boiling on schedule even “colour music” SkyKettle G200S will overflow to the beat of the tunes played by the smartphone.

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More games for kids on memory and attention, the social network for tea lovers, as well as the ability to order bottled water, filters and tea infuser. Like tea, however clever, he poured in the water he is not able — it is perhaps the only “disadvantage”.

Note that the office kettle is implemented through Bluetooth, that is, the radius is restricted. Available control via the Internet, but at home you want to leave your smartphone or tablet as a “transmitter” commands and install the branded app R4S Gateway.

Summing up, we say that the kettle we liked. On it’s shimmering illumination, you can watch endlessly. And it’s just a reliable device with great volume (2 liters). Price of 3 999 rubles – not serious, sales is full of more expensive kettles with options selection and maintenance of temperature, and no remote control they have! But it not only saves your time but also gives you access to an array of chips (in principle, impossible to realize all the possibilities with a few buttons on the device). Waiting for a new version Ready For Sky, it looks promising.

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