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Review portable Bluetooth speakers Philips BT6600

The development of wireless technology gradually takes away the popularity of wireless speaker systems, users increasingly value mobility. The subject of today’s review — presented at IFA 2015 Bluetooth column Philips BT6600 with recognizable design, powerful sound and decent battery life.


Main specifications:

  • Power output: 16 watts (two speakers at 8 watts).
  • Working time on battery: 12 hours.
  • Compatibility: devices with Bluetooth 2.1 and above.
  • Range: 10 meters.
  • Weight: 700 grams.
  • Water resistance: IPx4 standard.

The gadget equipped with NFC chip, built-in microphone, audio input 3.5 mm. it Is possible to connect up to three devices simultaneously. Column Philips BT6600 available in black, red and blue.

Package contents

In a pretty massive box, which is supplied with the device, in addition to the speakers dock, a pair of USB cables of different lengths, power supply and documentation. Packed everything very carefully: each element, except the wires, is in a separate box and plastic bag.


Almost the entire surface of the column is a metal mesh, and all other parts of the body is made of rubber or plastic. Thanks to this performance device as if begging to be used vertically. First, this effect is achieved thanks to the volumetric plastic washer on the top end. It serves to activate the speakers and adjust the volume. The second reason to place the column vertically complete docking station for charging. Rubber and to some extent sticky the reverse surface of the dock makes the whole construction stable on any smooth surface. Yes and in the interior of the gadget with an optional stand does look better.

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But this does not mean that you cannot use the column horizontally. At the bottom of the device is wide rubber, so you won’t scratch anything and the column will not escape. In the same place there is a stub that hides under a three connectors: AUX input, microUSB for charging and a regular USB to use the device as an external battery.

On the bottom you can see the rubber circle to the sustainability of the gadget and the lone contact for charging via the docking station.

On the front side is more than one item. The button with the Bluetooth logo phone handset. After pairing speakers with the unit can control the incoming call. One click takes the call when it is received and resets during the conversation. To reject an incoming call hold the button for three seconds.
The NFC chip is in the place, where the appropriate inscription. Not hard to guess that you can connect smartphones and other devices that support NFC, a simple tap.

The top (or right) of the logo Philips is the led indicator. It flashes blue when the speaker is enabled while waiting for connections, and solid blue when a connection is established. The red light can be observed when connecting BT6600 to the mains for charging.


The column was tested with paired mobile devices: iPad 4, iPhone 5s/6 and Asus Zenfone 2. Loved the sound: it is powerful and loud. And if the author of the review expected the same level of sound, all around, have managed to display the column, spoke about her very positively, in addition to noting the heavy sound and build quality.

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While listening to songs Three Days Grace, Disturbed and similar artists offered by Apple Music, was not noticed any rattle, cod or hint of flat sounding. But, of course, talking about Studio quality sound. The device is suitable primarily for use at a picnic or a walk. You can not be afraid of contamination or splashes thanks to the standard IPX4.

After full charging column was tested for length of battery life. The test took a little over 10 hours, during which acoustics was connected to various gadgets, almost continuously played music, had made a few calls and about 20 minutes column is in the powerbank. Manufacturer stated battery life complies with BT6600.

The device is fully met expectations, and in some moments were surpassed them. Pleased with the richness of sound for a device this size, absence of wheezing at maximum volume and the operation time from the battery.

In the official store Philips BT6600 can be purchased for 11 990 rubles.

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